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The Bathwater is Ready

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I was watching an Asian girl recently on a webcam site and this girl reminds me quite a bit of her, this one just has bigger tits, quite a bit bigger really.

That little grin of hers though seems quite inviting. It’s almost like she’s inviting you to come and take a bath with her and she would not need to ask me twice if that’s the case.

From what I’m able to gather her name is Rie Tachikawa and she’s from Tokyo, Japan which isn’t exactly a massive surprise. She’s also tiny as you would expect at 5’3″ and those knockers of hers are 35DD. Holy hell those are some massive mammaries on such a tiny frame, I bet she really turns the heads wherever she goes.

What’s best is that this site is one of the very few where you’ll find uncensored Japanese porn. Perhaps this part is best though: You can save up to 85% with a discount to JAV HD and pay only $6.99 per month on a yearly subscriber’s pass.

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